As I begin this adventure in the world of blogging, I figured that my readers might want to know something about the author. I do identify as a High Church Wesleyan, but to be more specific, I am a Wesley scholar and church historian on the faculty at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC.

You could say that I’m a Wesley scholar who teaches Wesley studies at a seminary called Wesley.

Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest and in the Church of the Nazarene, I went off to a Nazarene college (Northwest Nazarene) and became a United Methodist. Not exactly what my parents expected at the time, but they’re alright now. It was in college that I realized that I had a vocation to Wesley Studies, even though it would take some time before I realized fully what that meant.

I went to Duke Divinity School and was shaped by the titans who walked the halls there at the time such as Heitzenrater, Willimon, Hauerwas, Steinmetz and others. Following my time there, I was under appointment (a very United Methodist term) at Jamestown UMC in Jamestown, NC within the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church. It was there, that I fully realized my calling to higher education and so I moved to Boston to attend Boston University under the tutelage of David Hempton, now of Harvard fame. My dissertation is now a book, Wesley and the Anglicans: Political Division in Early Evangelicalism (IVP Academic, 2016).

I had the distinct pleasure of serving in the administration and faculty of Greensboro College in Greensboro, NC, first as Special Assistant to the President and then as a member of the Religion Department. In 2015, I began my tenure at Wesley and serve with dedicated and passionate colleagues to shape and form men and women for service in the church and the world. On Sunday mornings, you can find me at Washington Street UMC in Old Town, Alexandria.

And, most importantly, I have a cat named Paisley.

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